Cake Decorating With The Cricut Cake Machine

The Cricut Cake Machine is a wonderful addition to any crafter’s supply closet. With this machine users can create custom edible shapes for use on cakes and other pastries. The customized designs will be sure to please any age on any occasion.

Cake decorating is more than child’s play. Adults like seeing their cakes and pastries decorated too, especially on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, welcome home parties, and even office social gatherings.

The Cricut Cake machine works by creating custom designed and cut shapes from edible sheets of gum paste available in a variety of colors. Similar to a printer, the sheets are cut into various shapes by bladed cartridges.

The edible sheets can be used to create designs in various fun shapes like flowers, animals, cartoon people, and letters. Use the machine to spell out the name of the person the cake is intended for or to convey a message like “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, or “Welcome Home”.

Much like a traditional printer the cartridges used to cut edible designs are interchangeable with cartridges designed to cut traditional paper crafts.

In addition to the number of cake designs the user can make, this machine also offers convenient portability. With dimensions that are not much larger than a traditional kitchen appliance, this machine can be mounted right on a kitchen countertop and used right alongside your other baking appliances. It is also small enough to be transported easily in the trunk or backseat of a car to other locations like professional kitchens and bakeries or just to a friend’s house for a group project.

The only downside to using the Cricut Cake Machine is that users may have a hard time allowing their friends and family to devour their artwork, but sharing crafts with those you hold dear is all part of the fun.

PeteCake Decorating With The Cricut Cake Machine