Cameron Jibril Thomaz is The Only Wiz Khalifa

The 22-year-old Cameron Jibril Thomaz, most commonly known by his stage name of Wiz Khalifa is one of the hottest new names in rap music. He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is quickly becoming a household name amongst rap lovers. Of the large number of Wiz Khalifa Mixtapes that have been released over the years, his first “Welcome to Pistolvania” back in 2005, was the one that jump-started his career. The release of this mixtape led to the debut full length album, named “Show and Prove”, released in 2006. The quality of the album was clear for all to hear, and it earned his the title of “artists to watch”. The well respected, and widely read Rolling Stones magazine made this statement.

Being noticed by such a popular magazine, the quality of the Wiz Khalifa Mixtapes and his fantastic debut album, secured his break into the big time. Warner Bros. records swiftly signed up the young artist in 2007, without a doubt one of the biggest names in the business. In the same year, he released two more under the Rostrum record label. He stayed with Warner until his break with them in July 2009. During this period, he released a plethora of hit singles. They included “Say Yeah” which made it to number 25 on the Billboard Rhythmic Top 40. This track also managed to climb to the number 20 spot of the Billboards Hot Rap Tracks.

Throughout his time with Warner, he was lucky enough to collaborate with many other experienced artists, such as Underworld, Usher and Cure. He later stated in interviews that during his time with the label he felt that he had “matured as an artist”. They went their separate ways and since then, this talented artist has moved from strength to strength. More information on this exciting artist can be found at Wiz Khalifa or Wiz Khalifa Mixtapes. He has many years of music making ahead of him, and will be sure to achieve the goals he has laid out for himself.

PeteCameron Jibril Thomaz is The Only Wiz Khalifa