Can We Get Vitamin B12 Benefits From Non-Animal Products?

Vitamin B12 has been a major concern among the vegan community for a very long time. This all comes from the myth that the only sources of vitamin B12 are meat products and their cousins, such as fish, poultry, etc. The truth is that this vitamin actually comes from a bacteria in our ground soil, a bacteria which is the producer of each and every ounce of B12 in planet earth. Herbivore gets this vitamin out of eating plants that are ‘affected’ by this bacteria and thus contain it to some extent, and carnivores gets their share out of eating these very same herbivore animals. ┬áLife cycle as it’s finest!

You can get all the vitamin b12 benefits that your body needs out of plants and vegetables, bu the point is that you have to eat them all unwashed, since the vitamin B12 is easily washable from the outer part of the plant, as it is exterior to it. In today’s agriculture, it’s fairly hard to do it since most of the fruits and veggies out there are heavily sprayed and chemically enhanced and thus it is almost impossible to eat unwashed in our modern western world, unless it’s completely organic or from local grow.

Benefits of vitamin B12 include DNA replication, red blood cells creation and tissue growth as well. This vitamin is also responsible for creating a fatty substance in the name of Myelin, that surrounds your nerve cells, and thus protecting them. B12 also plays a major role in reducing the levels of homo cysteine in your body, an amino acid that has been proved to promote diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, heart strokes, diabetes and other modern world’s dreaded diseases. B12 also acts as an energizer, and that’s also why many people mistakenly believe it to be a weight loss solution, since it makes you more likely to do some workout and lose calories.

In case of a deficiency, you might want to take a look at your various of options, such as vitamin B12 injections, sub lingual tablets, intra nasal sprays and intra nasal jel as well. Checking for a deficiency can be easily done in any of your local medical centers. The doctor or nurse will probably do an easy blood test for you and a result will be given to you within the next days or even hours, in very developed countries. However, all of these treatments should provide you a reliable solution in case you are found to be deficient of this highly important and vital vitamin.

PeteCan We Get Vitamin B12 Benefits From Non-Animal Products?