Can Women’s Shoes Make You Look Skinnier?

Ladies shoes are one of the most important accessories for any woman in her wardrobe. Shoes are the finishing touch to any ensemble and can really make it or break it. One common question many women have is whether the right pair of shoes can actually make them appear skinnier. The answer? You may be surprised because in fact it is true.

Depending on the type of shoe you wear with your outfit, you could be adding weight to your appearance. This is the last thing any woman wants. Here are a few tips to remember next time you head out shoe shopping or go to put together an outfit.

The heel width is the first issue to concern yourself with. The thicker and chunkier the heel the more weight you are putting on your body. A chunky heel adds width to the foot and ankle. This extends up and makes your legs look wider and heavier. Instead, stick with a thinner heel. A moderately thin heeled shoe works best because it elongates the legs and makes them look much leaner and more toned. You do not need to go as thin as a stiletto heel though. The last thing you want to do is run around at work all day in stiletto heels.

The heel height is the next thing to consider. The taller the heel, the longer your leg will appear. Longer legs look leaner and help to give you that sleek look. Heels of any height will help make any leg look a bit slimmer.

Also, think about the style of the top of the shoe. Bulky tops with laces and other details are going to bulk up the foot as well. Thin straps work best. They wrap delicately around the foot and up the leg a bit making the legs look long and lean. For work go with a Mary Jane which only has a single strap or a similar style of shoe.

Choosing the right shoes is so important not only for the overall outfit but also to make your body look its best.

PeteCan Women’s Shoes Make You Look Skinnier?