Can You Save Money By Renting Your Wedding Cupcake Stand?

On the surface renting a cupcake stand might seem like a great way to reduce the overall cost of your wedding, but in most cases it isn’t.  Many people bake cupcakes for their wedding since it can be done at home, and is much more affordable than hiring a professional bakery to bake a cake.  For this reason, it makes sense that you don’t waste away the extra money that you saved on renting cupcakes stands, unless your situation really facilitates it.

The one situation that renting a stand, rather than buying it, makes sense is when you have a huge wedding.  There isn’t much of a future for five or six stands that you buy for your wedding, so being able to give them back to the bakery or linen company is extremely helpful.  It won’t save much money, but it makes things a ton easier.  We all know how complex large weddings are, so you probably don’t want to make it any more difficult by trying to put together that many cupcake stands and loading them up.

On the other hand, buying your wedding cupcake stand is very affordable.  For my wedding last year, the linen company wanted $50 to rent the stand, so I went online and found out that the same one that they wanted to rent me only cost $35!  Highway robbery, I say!  Once you know how many cupcakes there are going to be, you can start figuring out which stand is going to be the best for your wedding.  I recommend going to to shop because they have a huge selection at great prices, and most of the stands will qualify for free shipping.  This is a simple and fast way to save a lot of cash on your cupcake stand!

Yes, renting cupcake stands can save a few bucks if you are going have a huge wedding, but for the rest of us go ahead and buy the stand.  You’ll use it again, and save money over renting it the first time!

PeteCan You Save Money By Renting Your Wedding Cupcake Stand?