Car Power Inverter

Whether you travel frequenty in your vehicle for business or you use it for your daily errands, the purchase of a car power inverter can be a great investment. You can charge your cell phone, plug in a coffee maker, power your laptop or other electronics while in your vehicle. They should become a part of the safety kit for every car!

The differences in power inverters are the amount of wattage they can carry. For instance, a cell phone only requires about 10 watts while a spotlight needs about 50 and a refrigerator/cooler may require up to 1000 watts. If you will be running several items at the same time you will need to add those numbers to find the total wattage you need in a unit. A small 12v power inverter capable of powering a laptop or cell phone will only cost around $25 while a larger unit that carries more wattage can run upwards of $100.

Car power inverters can be a great safety item to carry in a vehicle. If your heater should go out in the winter there are small plug in heaters for car usage to keep you warm as well as defrost your windshield and windows quickly. In an emergency it seems the batteries in your flashlight are always dead, the use of a power inverter to power up a hand held spotlight can be a life saver.

Electronics require a lot of battery life for normal usage and on a long trip the use of a car power inverter to power up a childs’ game system or small television can be a great help to both parents and children. The ability to use your laptop while stuck in a traffic jam or while waiting for your child’s practice to be over can be a great time saver.

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