Care and maintenance of a mobility scooter

When you own any equipment that has mechanical parts, the knowledge on how to maintain them becomes handy. The terms of maintenance will focus on servicing and repairing of any parts that deviate from original normalcy. The importance of this practice is to extend the life expectancy of the acquisition. The knowledge on how to maintain a mobility scooter must not necessarily be technical. The source of this information can be from the internet or a quick tutorial of the manufacturer’s instruction booklet.

The following are some of the do it yourself practices that can be done at home in absence of trained professionalism.

1. Cleaning: This involves removing dirt and keeping the garment covers clean. If possible, washing should be done regularly to rid off dirt in the fabric. The cleaning is made easier if there is a leather cover that acts as a barrier from the actual rigid frame of the scooter. Also the panels and wheel should be scrapped of any muddy deposits. Oiling is done at the wheel to reduce friction and ease the scooters movement.

2. Avoid dampness of the mobility scooter; wetness in the equipment provides encouraging atmosphere for bacteria growth if not rusting. Damp scooters will lose their luster and at times develop a pungent odor.

3. Recharge of the batteries; this is like clockwork, it must be done after a depleted charge. Batteries means for storage must be kept with full charge. During charging, it is wise to wait until the complete charging is done. This will help in maintaining the lifespan of the battery.

The more complex electrical mobility scooters will need an extra hand in replacement and repairs. This can be achieved by executing the use of a warranty from the manufacturer. Otherwise an expert may be employed to see through the repair and modification of the structure.

PeteCare and maintenance of a mobility scooter