Causes of Daytime Fatigue

By far the most common complaints of people these days have a lot to do with fatigue. There are countless of reasons as to why you are always feeling tired. It may be because you have lots of work at school or office, you lead an unhealthy lifestyle and the like. Animals and children are not plagued by the feelings of extreme tiredness. When they feel tired, they simply sleep and wake up fresh and renewed.

A lot of adults suffer from daytime tiredness because they push themselves too hard and they resist their body’s natural biological cycles of activity and resting. One major cause of tiredness and fatigue has a lot to do with your way of eating. If you want to fight off this troubling dilemma, you need to increase your energy by consuming fresh, natural foods and steer away from processed foods. Foods that can give you that much needed energy are fresh fruits, whole grains, dried beans and lightly cooked veggies. On the other hand, foods that can zap your energy are cheese, red meat, canned goods and coffee.

Your daytime fatigue can also be brought about by poor digestion. Instead of consuming three heavy meals per day, break them down into 6 smaller meals. You must also remember to chew your food properly and eat slowly.

Reducing your stress levels is also important to ward off this sense of sleepiness and tiredness. When you are stressed out, you will lack the energy to function effectively. Try meditation and relaxation techniques. These things can help lower your stress levels and make you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Change the way you think. Think only of positive thoughts and throw all those negative thoughts away. Never ever dwell on negativity. Researches have shown that almost eighty percent of those who suffer from chronic tiredness are also suffering from anxiety and depression.

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