Checklist for a Successful Diet on HCG

Losing weight is tough! There are literally hundreds of diets out there. Some require you to buy expensive food plans. Others require costly and timely one on one visits with doctors. And the rest seem to require cheesy workout DVDs and workout equipment. The one diet plan that stands out from the rest is the HCG liquid drops diet. It doesn’t require any of that. It can be done at home without workout equipment and expensive preordered meal plans.

As easy as the diet sounds, it does require lots of will power and there are a few things you can get to help ease the diet. To successfully lose weight with the diet, you should have the drops, a hcg cookbook and a daily progress tracker.

Homeopathic hcg drops are essential to losing weight with the diet because the drops are the hormone that makes your body burn fat rather than muscles. It helps slightly curb your diet and is the key to the diet. The cookbook will help you stay to the plan. The hcg plan works because you only eat 500 calories a day and the body burns off stored fat to compensate for the other 2500 calories your body burns in one day. Since you probably aren’t a little over weight from eating healthy, this will help you. Even if you do know how to cook, eating on a 500 calorie daily diet isn’t easy. Finally, a daily progress chart can help you see how much weight you are actually losing. This doesn’t need to be fancy and can actually just be an excel sheet that shows your weight each day and maybe your waist measurement.

If you combine these three things with will power and determination, you have the winning combination to lose 30 plus pounds in 30 days. There is no other diet that is as effective as the hcg diet.

PeteChecklist for a Successful Diet on HCG