Choices for Briggs Pull-On Pants for the Active Women

Active and busy women who prefer the convenience and comfort of pull-on pants may often find it really difficult to search for quality and good looking pants with the trend very much filled with poor quality and high prices, not to mention the style-lessness of those mostly available in the market. Fortunately, the many designs and styles of Briggs pull on pants offer more than good price. Convenience, comfort, availability of wide options and fashionable, Briggs simply is considered among the most exceptional brands when it comes to pull on pants.

Having a reputation for superior quality in designing the trend and a wide array of choices to fit every woman’s special needs, Briggs pull on pants, apart from its regular fit, is available in stretch and bi-stretch fit as well. But on top of that, women can choose between solid pull-ons, average pull-ons and light pull-ons. It is also available in gabardine designs in different lengths.

Besides the fit, comfort waist and elastic waist are just among the many choices in the waist design. Briggs even made some pairs in flat front designs for those who want to look slimmer. Among the cut, one can opt for straight legs, wide legs, boot cut or comfort cut. Unlike other jeans, Briggs prefer to stay the color options to a minimum to the most basic and neutral colors. Their pull on pants mostly are available in navy, black, brown and grey.

With its reputation being a subsidiary of Kellwood, a reputable marketer of men and women’s apparel, along with other popular brands in the clothing industry like Baby Phat, Calvin Klein, XOXO, Liz Claiborne and many more, Briggs may not have many chains of stores but is widely available in big clothing stores like Maceys, JCPenney, Target, Walmart, Marshalls and even on many retail websites online. Price-wise, Briggs is very competitive with other brands considering its remarkable quality.

Pull on pants aren’t just for those who have aged, as many people think why the pants is designed for. They are aimed to provide the comfort and convenience many are in very much in need. And with Briggs pull-on pants, they maintain the professional look or the true-blue denim look, depending on the design you choose. Could it be in regular size, petite or plus, Briggs definitely have the right pull-ons for you. Once again, Briggs women pants have proven their versatility and functionality.

PeteChoices for Briggs Pull-On Pants for the Active Women