Choices for Outdoor and Patio Lights

To enjoy your outdoor space not only during daylight hours but also on warm evenings you will need to install some sort of outdoor or patio lights. This article will cover some of the various patio lighting options available to you.

Wall Lights and Lanterns – This is one of the first and easiest choices that will probably spring to mind when you think of outdoor lighting. If your patio is adjoining your home then wall lanterns are simple options as it will not be difficult to tap into your home’s power supply to provide electricity to outside lights on an exterior wall of your home. Traditional style wall lanterns are available from around $50 to upwards of $300 at depending on the style and size lantern you choose. This type of lighting should always be fitted by a qualified electrician.

Deck and Step Lighting – An attractive and fashionable option that is best fitted when you are having a deck built is embedded deck and step lighting. These are normally flush fitting on the deck so they do not pose a tripping hazard and the ones set in the back of the steps can be behind a grille. The step lights are a particularly good idea if you are going to be using your patio or deck at night as dark steps can be dangerous.

Umbrella Lights – These are little battery operated lights either available in strings (like fairy lights) or built into the struts of an outdoor umbrella and provide a pretty ambiance especially suitable for parties. These strings of battery powered lights can be purchased for around $20 at

Solar Lights – Solar lights can come in basically any format, wall lights and deck lights can be solar powered and it does give you the alternative of having lighting in an area where there is no electric power supply. Garden lights in the form of a lantern with a spike that is pushed into the ground are normally solar powered and are great for placing along the edge of a path.

Feature Lights – You can choose a spotlight to light up a particular feature such as a fountain, pond or an unusual plant or you can even find lights that resemble rocks to place around your garden in dark areas.

Whatever type of outdoor or patio lights you choose, lighting up your backyard or garden on a summer’s evening creates a beautiful and relaxing environment for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

PeteChoices for Outdoor and Patio Lights