Choose A Cast Iron Fireplace For A Distinctive Victorian Look

A cast iron fireplace is a perfect way to warm the house on a cold winter night. They first originated during the Victorian era and were used by both the common folk and the nobility. Hundreds of years later they are still a popular type of fireplace and used in many different homes, you can especially find cast iron fireplaces in houses that are over fifty years old. Because they are so strong and durable many of them can still work for decades.

You still purchase a cast iron fireplace in a variety of locations, but you will have to know where to look. Some modern stores won’t sell them but may large home superstores may have some models available. There are two main types of cast iron fireplaces, the more modern reproduction fireplaces and the genuine fireplace.

A reproduction fireplace can be found at a number of modern home stores and fireplace retailing stores. They are usually sold in a set and come with full services with instructions about purchasing all the way to installation. The market for this type of fireplace is quite large so will be a number of different styles and prices to choose from. A genuine or original fireplace is not as common today and you won’t be able to find it in most stores, you may only be able to find one of them at a reclamation yard. The condition of the fireplace will vary depending on how old it is and whether it has cared for or not. Older fireplaces will require restoration work in order to get them back into working form. Transportation and installation also require money unless you can do it yourself and you will need to factor this into your budget when purchasing the fireplace.

An antique fireplace can be a prized possession for many people, cast iron last for a long time and a fireplace from the Victorian era may be worth thousands of dollars. Finding a real antique fireplace can be difficult and your best bet is to find one at a reclamation yard. There are still a number of old fireplaces however because during the Victorian era the only way to get proper heating for a home was to use a fireplace.

PeteChoose A Cast Iron Fireplace For A Distinctive Victorian Look