Choose a Round Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in all kinds of weird and wonderful designs. If there is one piece of furniture that designers have gone to town on making elaborate and wonderful creations with it is certainly the coffee table. In some living rooms and lounges, the choice of coffee table is given as much if not more consideration than choosing a piece of art or a sculpture for the corner. The coffee table allows a dash of creativity to an otherwise formulaic approach to interior design, though it still must remain practical and serve it’s purpose as a functional piece of furniture.

If you have small children or pets running around your home, you will have noticed that they have a tendency to run in to things. This means that any hard edges can be a potential hazard. If there is one thing that is the perfect height for a toddler to whack their head in to when tearing around then it is a coffee table. If you get a round coffee table, there will be less hard edges for infants to cause themselves an injury on.

A round coffee table also serves as a practical shape for many room layouts it allows a table to be placed in smaller areas and still have people able to walk round it. They can be also an excellent solution to a large space requiring a table, perhaps with sofas on two or three sides. The round table will be accessible from all angles and will serve as a nice symmetrical centerpiece.

If you are looking for a nice coffee table for your home it would serve you well to step away from the traditional and in some cases boring right-angled, hard edge square or rectangular offerings and consider a round coffee table. You will create a focal point for your room without the hard edges and you may find that it is an infinitely more practical solution for your living space.

PeteChoose a Round Coffee Table