Choosing Between Compact Printers for Laptops

Being able to print and scan documents on the go is a godsend to the business-oriented, as it means you’re not left trying to find a Kinko’s to get a document out on time. Having control of your documents and being able to print them when you need them is becoming essential technology, which is why many people are turning to portable laptop printers to suit their needs.

In fact, compact printers for laptop use is a growing market, with HP, Lexmark, and Canon all having models which are designed to be carried around with your laptop. Some of these models are wireless, while others use USB to connect to the laptop. Models that are more expensive have Bluetooth connectivity and an internal battery so they are completely wireless, albeit they need to be charged before you are on the go.

One model that has excelled in this area is the HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer. It offers up to 23 pages per minute when printing in black and white, which is rather great for a mobile printer, considering many of them get barely above 15. Of course, you should expect to pay handsomely for such speed and wireless connectivity, as the printer runs around $168 when purchased brand new online at many stores.

Deciding on the perfect compact printers for laptop use is a matter of personal preference. Before you walk into a store, you should decide whether or not you want to tangle with wires, or if you would prefer the ease of Bluetooth use. Do you mind paying a little less for a printer that isn’t as fast? What are you looking to spend on your printer for your laptop? These are all questions that you should ask and answer yourself before you even step into an electronic store, or begin shopping for a printer online. This way, you’ll get the exact printer you need, while not compromising quality for a few bucks here or there.

PeteChoosing Between Compact Printers for Laptops