Choosing Colored Socks

When you look at the world of causal fashion these days, it’s great because there are so many fun, colored socks out there right now. In fact, there are so many the question often becomes one of trying to figure out what color to wear for any particular occasion. It makes one wonder if there is a rule book anywhere for this kind of thing!

While there may not be an official ‘rule book’ for sock colors, there are a few simple guidelines you can stick to in order to make things easier on yourself. Probably the main thing to keep in mind is that you should match up the color of your socks to your pant color. It is far less important to worry about trying to match the socks to the shoe color, because if you succeed, the socks might end up taking away from the impact of your shoes (and who wants that?) So keep it simple – socks are an extension of pants and are the same general color.

Now, what about matching sock colors to the kind of event you’re attending? If you’re talking about a very formal, black-tie type event, then the answer is easy – you go with all black socks.

Black socks will work regardless of whether your suit color choice is black, dark grey or dark navy, so it’s pretty much fool proof choice. Other than matching the sock color to the suit color, another option you might consider is matching them to the color of your tie or kerchief. Then again, it you’re wanting to have some fun and be a bit more flashy rather than traditionally conservative, you could go for some completely different dashes of color with your socks. If you do go that route though, it would be best to keep the colors somewhat related to your other pieces a far as general color tone, hue and subtlety. When going for a sportier, more casual look, you could opt to match the sock color to the color of your dress shirt or sweater. This is a popular option as well. And once again, even if the chosen sock color is different, if it’s in the same family or color spectrum, you should still be able to pull it off.

For the women, if you really want to have some fun with your choice of socks, you might want to consider looking to some thigh high socks which can be both fun and quite sexy too.

PeteChoosing Colored Socks