Choosing Great Books For Children

When it comes to deciding on books your children will enjoy reading I almost always turn to the internet and look for some good quality children’s book reviews. If at all possible I try to find reviews from other children and not from a publisher or an adult. If a child has read the book and is recommending it, chances are that my child will enjoy it too. If the recommendation is from the publisher or an adult I’m not so sure.

The most helpful sites are the ones that break the reviews down by both age and by category. If they also have comments all the better. If I find a book with a good review and lots of positive comments, I know I’m on to a winner and will buy that book for my children to read with little hesitation.

Finding good books for kids isn’t really that difficult. Just look for some good reviews online and then buy the book direct from Amazon. Many of the review sites will have links to amazon or another online bookseller on their sites. Of course you can also sell the book back to amazon when your kid’s have finished with it as well!

The other way I find great books for my children to read is by searching Google for book lists. Amazon has loads but you can also find a lot just by doing a search in Google. It’s a great way to stumble across book titles that you wouldn’t otherwise hear of and it’s both quick and easy to do. My son particularly likes dinosaur books and I have found some great stories for him to read by searching for “book list+dinosaurs” in Google and Bing. Whatever your child’s interests, the same principle will work for you. With so many great books out there waiting to be discovered, review sites can be a great starting point.

PeteChoosing Great Books For Children