Choosing New Glider Cushions To Replace Old Ones

Many new mothers, as a gift or by their own purchase, are getting gliders. These chairs are a newer, more comfortable version of the rocking chair. Instead of the forward and back rocking motion, you have a nice smooth gliding motion. Nearly all of these gliders come equipped with a cushion, but honestly, they don’t have the biggest selection of fabrics right out of the box. Instead, many people are choosing to match their nursery or home’s decor with new matching glider cushions.

These cushions can be made to match just about any style or decor. They also come in different sizes to perfectly fit your glider. This is important to keep in mind because not all brands of gliders are the same size or shape.

In fact, shape and size really can vary greatly. While some chairs have an oval shaped back, others are square. Some have padded arms while others are bare wood.

It is important to properly measure your glider when getting ready to purchase a new cushion for it. Measure the seat as well as the back rest, both width and length. Don’t forget to take note of the shape as well. Ordering the wrong shape will not only make your glider look funny, but it could make it quite uncomfortable as well.

Glider cushions can be made from just about any heavier duty fabrics. There are so many cute ones available it should be very easy to find something to your taste other than the plain blue, brown or white that these gliders come in right out of the box. These new cushions are usually a lot more comfortable than the standard ones that come with your glider.

You can often choose a material that is stain resistant. For those who already have kids, you will know how valuable this is. Another thing you might want to look for and consider is choosing a cushion that is removable and washable. This will save you lots of time and stress when it comes to cleaning a stain off the chair.

PeteChoosing New Glider Cushions To Replace Old Ones