Choosing Spyware Blockers

With the advent of online identity theft over the past decade, many customers are understandably growing more and more concerned about their privacy while using credit card information or any other personal data on the Internet.  One of the growing markets as a result of this new found anxiousness is spyware blockers; software that creates a firewall on your internet connection which limits the ability of retrieval programs designed to gain personal information.  Spyware blockers are relatively cheap and can be purchased at any major electronics store — such as Best Buy — for any model computer or operating system.

The most popular software for spyware blocking on the market is Norton’s line of products.  Norton is well known for anti virus programs and anti spam for email, but with the explosion of identity theft the company has produced a large number of privacy features for their customers.  Norton Anti Spyware programs operate with a secure firewall designed to protect against worms, phishing, and trojans, all tools of identity thieves; these operations are programmed to either create a dummy program containing viruses or penetrate existing computer defenses.  Norton’s capabilities against online identity predators makes it the leader in the industry, and can be purchased at any electronics store for fifty to sixty dollars.

Not all programs cost money, as some companies release their products for free and sell upgrades to satisfied customers.  The program Spyware Blaster is available from the same name website for no cost, offering a standard package of security with the option to add more features for greater cost.  Spyware Blaster has been well received by customers, and many businesses find it in their interest to purchase the upgrade for their financial information.  The upgrades cost anywhere from five to twenty dollars, providing greater protection for your computer.

PeteChoosing Spyware Blockers