Choosing The Best Garage Floor Coating Based On Function

Like the classic architectural belief that “form follows function”, the function of any space in your home should determine what kind of floor coating will be used. For example, if the extra space in a home is going to be used as storage for old knickknacks or papers, then an appropriate garage floor coating should be laminated and smooth. You can find out more about this choice at the Quikrete Epoxy Coating Review.

Another example is using an extra space as a room in which the owner paints the walls and add some sheet rock, the recommended coating for this type of space is something that is thick to prevent dampness. Adding a thick carpet on the top of the padding also keeps the heat in when winter comes.

If the garage area of your house has little traffic then a laminated floor coating can last for a long time. However, laminates can not last long if the floor is heavily used, in this case it is necessary that they be replaced every few years. There also are parents who use their garage floor as a play area for their children. If this is going to be the scenario, the ideal garage floor coating should be kid-friendly. A rubber mat would be good on the floor because children have higher chances of falling when they play.

If the garage serves as a working area for the man of the house, then using a latex paint over the cement covering is recommended. Re-painting the surface is necessary after a few years if there is a lot work done here.. Another good option for a work room garage floor is to use tiles. Various textures and patterns will improve how the area’s overall appearance will looks. Generally, home owners paint their floors to make it look better or safer. If you want to go beyond what is already normally practiced, a good option is to use textured mats that are also functional and attractive.

Be sure the materials of the mat have the ability to resist abrupt changes in temperature and that it is good at hiding stains. These usually have to be removed for cleaning every year or so.  A garage floor coating that is painted on the floor, on the other hand, can stay on your floor for years. Whatever covering you choose to place on your floor, make sure that all holes and cracks are fixed as it is impossible to do after the coating is applied. There are also people who prefer not to cover this area and just leave the defects exposed because of the kind of work done in the garage.

PeteChoosing The Best Garage Floor Coating Based On Function