Choosing the Right Dog Cage

When selecting large dog cages for your dogs, you first need to decide on the uses of the cage. Do you intend the cage simply for use in the car, inside your home or both? Traveling with a dog loose inside your vehicle can be dangerous and traumatic for both you and your dog. It will be safer and more comfortable for both of you to have the dog securely inside a cage.

A dog cage can also be useful inside the home, particularly if you have to leave the dog at home alone for a short period of time and they have destructive behavior when left alone. Also, puppies that are not yet housetrained can be confined to a large dog cage at night to avoid any accidents.

It is important to ensure that your dog cage is large enough for your dog. There should be enough room for them to stand, and be able to both turn around and lie down inside the cage. You can make the cage more comfortable for your pet with bedding specifically designed for dog cages.

The most popular large dog cages or crates for use in a vehicle are made of strong, welded steel wire, which gives your pet a clear view around them. Dogs can get distressed if they can’t see their surroundings when traveling. However, inside the home a rattan dog cage with a wire door that can be left open looks more attractive and can double as your dog’s bed where he will feel safe and comfortable.

All aspects of puppy and dog training become easier if they have been used to a cage from an early age. Many people hold the opinion that putting a dog in a cage is cruel, but this is not true as long as your pet is only confined to the cage for short periods of time or when traveling. Large dog cages can be a valuable contribution to your pet’s life and happiness.

PeteChoosing the Right Dog Cage