Choosing the Right Telephone Table

Whether you have your home phone in the living room, the office, or the bedroom, having it on a nice looking table is important.

If it is in your office then perhaps you have it on your desk, which could be the most convenient arrangement for you. However, you may want to consider having a small nearby table on which to place your phone; this would allow you more room on your desk for papers, files, and other items.

If you have the phone in the living room or bedroom, you would of course want to have an aesthetic looking table for the phone. An accent table or end table could work well. Choose a color and style that matches well with the furniture already in the room.

You have a choice between glass, metal, glass, or an oak telephone table. The prices vary depending on what kind, brand name, size and style you choose, as well as where you buy it. You would most likely not want to get something too large if the only purpose for the table is to hold the telephone. Make sure you know what size the table should be so that you do not buy something either too large or too small.

It helps if you buy the table at a regular store, instead of from an online retailer, if you are a bit unsure of how large or small a table to get. Furniture stores and supermarkets all have end tables and accent tables of all kinds for sale; often there will be samples that you can see and get a good idea if you want that particular table or not.

However, there are also advantages to buying a table online. Online retailers often offer better prices than regular shops. You can more easily find what you want and compare prices with just a click of the mouse. If you know what size, style and brand name you want, then buying the table online may be a good choice for you. Make sure, however, that the online retailer you are buying from offers free shipping with your purchase. Some do, others do not; where you live and how much the table costs can also be factors in whether you can get the shipping free. If you do have to pay, make sure you know how much; most tables are quite heavy, making the shipping charges a bit pricey.

If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider buying the table second hand, either from a second hand furniture shop in your city, or from an individual seller. Craigslist is a good place to look if you want to find a nice looking table for your phone second hand. Make sure to see the table in person before you consider purchasing it; never go by the thumbnail or the description alone. You can also talk with the individual seller regarding the price; often you can haggle the price a bit lower than what was previously set.

PeteChoosing the Right Telephone Table