Choosing The Right Wood Valance Window Treatment

Redecorating can be overwhelming if you do not put a plan together. One of the best ways to begin after choosing the wall color is to determine what type of window treatments to use. Cohesiveness in your overall home begins with what you use to embellish your windows. Each window does not have to be the same unless the rooms are open to each other. With a wood valance, there are many designs available that will give your home coordinating window treatments that have a different style.

For a unique design there are shaped wood window valances that lend with either a casual or formal space. They are available in different colors to blend in with the rest of your décor. By adding fabric curtains or panels, you can give your room a more formal look.

To add a bit of sophistication to the room there are scalloped wood valances. This style gives a dramatic feel that can be dressed up with sheer panels. The panels can add color to the room as well.

For a more rustic country design you can use a gingerbread wood window valance. This design also works well with the Victorian style home. You can choose a color that coordinates with the rest of the wood in the room.

The architectural design of a craftsman home can be accented with arched wood valances. The arch will echo the rest of the openings in the home giving it a flowing design in décor. You can match the wood stain to the woodwork of the craftsman home.

If you have a special room that needs a lift, there are carved wood valances that will give your home that old 19th century feel. A rich mahogany color will add distinct character that will go well with furnishings in the traditional style. A wood valance for windows can add cohesiveness to your home no matter what type of style you redecorate you space in.

PeteChoosing The Right Wood Valance Window Treatment