Choosing Your Baguette Ring from Tiffany Gold

As the popular saying points out, “A diamond lasts forever.” That’s why, when you are choosing a baguette ring from Tiffany Gold, it is imperative that you choose the one that you will want to have and wear forever.  Factoring in the price of jewelry in today’s market, this is not a decision to be made lightly.

The most important thing you’ll want to consider when choosing your baguette ring is price.  Baguette cut diamonds are usually cheaper than other machine cut diamonds, so more of these beautiful stones can be purchased for less.  Fine jewelers like Tiffany Gold take advantage of this cost effective method to make exquisite jewelry.

Once you have established a price range that will be affordable to you, you will want to look at the types of ring layouts that you like.  A typical baguette ring will consist of a larger diamond mounted on prongs in the center (either a baguette cut or any other cut), then a series of uniformly cut baguette diamonds on either side.  Other ring layouts using baguette cut diamonds also have the baguette diamonds circle around the entire ring.

The next step in choosing a Tiffany Gold baguette ring is to determine the type of diamonds and quality of the gold.  With diamonds, you’ll want to consider the weight, clarity, and color.  Typically, baguette diamonds are heavier than other cuts and they are usually exceptionally clear with a pale color compared other diamond cuts.  Because of this, they tend to compliment the other diamonds well.  The gold will range from 10k to 24k, meaning that 24k is nearly 100% pure gold, 18k is 75% pure, and 12k is 50%.

Doing your research and taking your time in finding the right baguette ring for you will provide you with a piece of jewelry that you can treasure forever.  Let Tiffany Gold help you make a choice that you will never regret.

PeteChoosing Your Baguette Ring from Tiffany Gold