Choosing Your Wedding Centerpieces

There is a bevy of options to choose from when it comes to wedding centerpieces. From flowers, candles and fruits, to food, photos and more, the selection ranges far and wide. The interesting thing about weddings and wedding centerpieces is the differences in style an preferences from wedding to wedding and couple to couple. Much of this has to do with creative vision as well as interests, personality, ethnic background, upbringing an more. Some people opt for the traditional, while others go out on a limb and dare to be different. There are those who would choose romantic and elaborate, while others want simple but fun.

Wedding centerpieces reflect much about the couple being married. Their personalities, as well as their love for one another, can really shine through in the choices they make when planning for wedding decor. Most romantics will opt for candles, roses, heart and soft colors. Bolder, practical types will often go with bright colors, yet simple and classy.

For couples with budget concerns, there is no reason to think that the wedding centerpieces that have been envisioned are not a possibility. There are plenty of options on the market for nice, yet cheap centerpieces. A great option for this is always candles and nice candle holders. Couples could go with wood, glass or metals, with a variety of shapes, sizes and designs available. For those looking for tall centerpieces that will save space and not obscure the view of the wedding guests, tapered candles are a terrific bet. Of course, one could always add a few flowers in to round out the look.

Most people prefer something that razzles and dazzles, leaving their guests in awe and saying, “Wow, this is so you!” Wedding days are something that people will remember for the rest of their lives. Great wedding centerpieces only add more to the memory of two loving people sharing the most precious moment of their lives thus far. Choosing unique wedding centerpieces can really make that moment one-of-a-kind.

PeteChoosing Your Wedding Centerpieces