Chrome Bathroom Accessories Sets and Matching Lighted Vanity Mirror Models

Most basic bathrooms have chrome taps or faucets, sometimes the light fixtures have chrome accents and often mirrors have chrome frames, shower doors have chrome, and vanity cabinets often have chrome handles. Chrome is the single most common bathroom accent color, even more common than white. In part it has to do with the fact that it is the default finish that comes with the standard fixtures, it tends to be the cheapest accent that doesn’t require a decorator, and therefore many apartments or new homes come with a lot of basic chrome. Since it looks clean and contemporary and can be worked into almost any theme, there’s no reason to change all the fixtures and accents, but work with what you have. Instead of dreaming about having an antique bathroom and mismatching bathroom accessories sets that are of a totally different finish than everything you already have, go with something that is already started and carry it through to a personalized finish. Using chrome accessory sets and chrome lighted vanity mirror designs you can add to the bathroom without making all the chrome that’s already there look cheap, in fact you can make the room appear to have been planned in chrome all along.

Shopping For Affordable Chrome Vanities, Mirrors and Bathroom Accessories?

Consider doing something a little different in your bathroom: use mounted polished chrome soap dispensers and cream or lotion dispensers that are very sleek and contemporary. Make the bathroom look and feel like a mini spa where items you use everyday are easy to use, and dispensers can be filled with your favorite cosmetics or soaps. This also leaves the countertops and vanities free for other items or simply clutter free. There are some companies that specialize in making such wall mounted dispensers for residential use, and these companies are Smedbo, especially with their series called House. There’s also a company called Ginger that creates very funky polished chrome bathroom accessories sets in a series called K2. You can get matching soap and lotion dispensers, towel racks, towel bars, lighted vanity mirror models that can be large and flat or small and movable or extendable like shaving and makeup mirrors.

Another company to keep in mind when you need vanity mirrors that have lights, chrome frames, sleek designs, cabinets to match and vanity sets that can be paired to give a totally chic contemporary look is Dreamline. Gatco and American Standard also carry some good products. Smedbo and Suneli specialize in vanities, mirrors, accents and accessories that can be ordered online in a variety of finishes such as chrome.

PeteChrome Bathroom Accessories Sets and Matching Lighted Vanity Mirror Models