Civil Wedding Venues For The Budget Conscious

If you are budget conscious, have time constraints or would rather stay away from religious places, then thinking of some civil wedding venue ideas might be more up your street. Sometimes a couple just wants to be different and unique so they find a non-traditional site to host their special event.

Civil weddings are one where the couple can be married anywhere, they just need an officiant willing to perform the ceremony. They can take place in a judge’s chambers or at a park. It can be a destination wedding on the beach of the Caribbean Sea or a castle in Europe. Maybe you prefer your parent’s backyard.

A civil ceremony is without any religious elements, but all the qualifications for marriage status. However, it’s important to know the various laws of your marriage site so you don’t run into any snags later. It may be good to meet with the officiant prior to the ceremony to make sure the time works and if you like them. Also make sure you have everything needed for the marriage certificate, and if you’re at the courthouse, then you know the office hours. You will also need two witnesses to sign the legal documents after the ceremony is performed.

No matter what, a civil wedding is more flexible, as the venue can be anywhere and just a few key pieces are needed for everything to take place. Generally, if the pocketbook is tight, a non-traditional site will save money and the extra can be used in other areas. Sometimes the couple just wants to be different so they pick a site that lets their personality shine through.

So if you’re up against time constraints and have a limited budget or just want to be different, civil wedding venues may be the key to your wedding success.

PeteCivil Wedding Venues For The Budget Conscious