Cleaning Shower Doors: Removing Tough Stains

Glass can be tough to clean, no matter where it is. Now, put the glass inside the bathroom by installing frameless shower doors, and you double the toughness of cleaning it. People typically shower once a day, removing the dirt and grime on their bodies, and these, including the soap used, all end up on your pristine glass doors. So how do you go about cleaning shower doors, especially removing those tough stains?

You could choose to use bathroom cleaners that love advertising how effective their product is. Or you could use regular household products that are surprisingly effective in cleaning shower doors.

White vinegar is definitely one that many people swear by when it comes to cleaning their frameless shower doors. Just combine it with water in equal amounts in a spray bottle , or you could go full strength and simply use pure vinegar. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse away with water. For tough stains, you can leave the vinegar for about half an hour then scrub the grime with a sponge.

For stubborn build up from hard minerals, use lemon and sandpaper. Simply pour freshly squeezed lemon juice onto sandpaper then scrub away. The acidic quality of the juice is able to dissolve the hard deposits, leaving your frameless shower doors clean and sparkly.

Baking soda is another household product that is great for cleaning shower doors. Simply place some baking soda on a sponge and scrub away. You can also make a paste by mixing a cup of baking soda and a cup of salt, which will add to its effectiveness.

Another great product for getting those tough hard water build up is rock salt. Just scrub rock salt onto the glass and then rinse afterwards. Try it on a small corner first to ensure it won’t scratch the glass.

PeteCleaning Shower Doors: Removing Tough Stains