Cleanse your body to enjoy a healthier you

Currently there are many environmental factors that may contribute to having less than optimal health. In addition to environmental pollution, consuming fast foods that contain pesticide residue may greatly impact ones overall health. Moreover, it is not uncommon for non-organic growers to spray pesticides on their fruits and vegetables, and for some farmers to inject their animals with harmful antibiotics. A good way to combat these aforementioned barriers to good health is to effectively cleanse your body.

Considering the additives involved in non-organic growing and farming, it is highly likely that these products may contain residue from the injected pesticides and antibiotics. In terms of fast foods, there is the additional issue of added colorings and preservatives as well. As a result of years of ingesting such foods, a multitude of serious health issues may ensue.

Ridding the body of free radicals, toxins, and other potentially harmful chemicals is essential to maintaining good health and overall well-being. Taking time to cleanse your body fast is one way to return your body to a healthy state, free of harmful contaminants. Fortunately there are several ways to make fasting tolerable as well as effective.

In addition to drinking only water, drinking a mixture of lemon juice, honey and warm water is a good way to cleanse the body. Honey and lemon, being rich in antioxidants, may quickly rid the body of unwanted chemicals and toxins. Moreover, drinking this warm water mixture has additional benefits, as lemon contains an abundant amount of vitamin C and honey contains vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Many people find the idea of completely fasting by only drinking water to be a formidable task. If only drinking plain water seems like too difficult a task, consider the aforementioned warm water mixture a few times a week as a way to cleanse your body.

PeteCleanse your body to enjoy a healthier you