Coastal or Inland Real Estate in the Languedoc Roussillon?

The Languedoc Roussillon region of France is blessed with an enormously long coastline that runs from north to south along the Mediterranean. Without a doubt this is one of the major attractions for real estate investors to the region. The question is how important is it to buy a property very close to the coast, which would be the preference of the majority, or can you make an equally good investment buying further inland? For the purposes of this discussion let us look at the department of the Pyrenees Orientales in the South of the Languedoc.

The stretch of coast here runs from the capital city of Perpignan in the north to the Spanish border in the south. There are some very pretty and highly acclaimed towns and villages along this coast line. Property for sale in Collioure probably being the most sought after and prized. It should be said that some of the towns are less impressive, built as they were as mini holiday resorts in the seventies and now looking a little tired in places.

Having said all this coastal property for sale has always come at a premium here and if you are a sand and sea lover who wants to make a safe investment then a piece of coastal real estate certainly seem like a shrewd move. Do however make sure you bring a sizable budget as these properties do not come cheap.

There is a strong argument for searching further inland for your perfect property. Firstly, of course, prices will start to drop the further inland you go. Secondly, and this should not be underestimated, the climate gets cooler further towards the mountains. Of course you want a holiday home in an area with a great climate but after a couple of weeks of intense heat you will be glad you opted for the higher ground where light breezes will make the summer months bearable.

PeteCoastal or Inland Real Estate in the Languedoc Roussillon?