Coffee Machines – How To Pick Out A Winner

Welcome to this review of the best coffee maker that you can buy at the moment. The coffee maker that I have chosen to get the title of best coffee maker is the Keurig B70 Platinum. This is a single server coffee maker from the gods that are Keurig. There is a huge range of options, features and functions with this machine that will leave only a very minute number of people wanting.

There are 5 different cup sizes, bigger sizes for those of you who want to brew their coffee into a travel mug for coffee on the go. And there is also a small array of cup sizes for those wanting espresso or cappuccino style coffees. Some detractors might suggest that these machines take something away from the coffee brewing/making experience, but I think that is a load of twoddle. They enhance the experience to be sure.

The speed with which these things put out coffee the Keurig B70 platinum especially is just awesome. The B70 can produce you a full cup of hot coffee ready for drinking in just 30 seconds flat. If you compare this to the drip coffee maker you will see that there is no contest whatsoever. A machine from Cuisinart has a brew speed which is pretty reasonable at about 1 minute per cup, but this just highlight how truly fast the brew speed of the Keurig is, thrashing the Cuisinart by times 2.

The stylish finish that all Keurig machines have also make it the number one coffee machine, there are similar specs on the Cuisinart and Breville single servers, but the looks of those machine are pretty horrible. This is the most stylish single server that you can get for sure.

Thanks very much for looking over this best coffee maker review. I’m sure that you are much better equipped to choose your next coffee maker now.

PeteCoffee Machines – How To Pick Out A Winner