Comfortable Home Heating

Heating the home during the winter is one of our top priorities if we are going to spend the colder months as comfortably as possible. Many people choose to go with a central air conditioning system that can be set to a timer switch so that it comes on early in the morning and turns itself down later in the evening.

Others prefer the use of small radiant heaters that can be moved from room to room. These heaters will operate more efficiently than a central air conditioning but are largely used for specific parts of the house. They would be turned on and off where and when they are needed.

Another type of heating system that has been around for centuries and still proves to be popular is the use of an open fireplace. Although this can be seen as a rather romantic type of heating system, it is woefully inefficient with a large proportion of the generated heat being lost.

A far more efficient way to use a fire in the house is with wood fired stoves. As the name suggests, a wood fired stove burns wood to generate enough heat to warm a large room or, if located properly a portion of the house. These stoves are far more efficient than an open fire with more than 70 per cent of the heat that is generated retained to heat the room.

No matter what type of home heating you are going to use to heat your home, the creation of it is going to use up energy in one way or another. In most cases electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels, although this is starting to change as renewable energy is becoming more prevalent. An open fireplace and a wood fired stove is powered by a renewable resource, namely wood, and the on-going costs of operation are extremely low, nil if you source the wood yourself.

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