Common Creatine Negative Side Effects

Creatine is a naturally produced nutrient that is found in all our bodies. Maintaining a healthy balance of creatine is usually possible by having a healthy diet. However, hundreds of athletes and bodybuilders have resorted to using creatine supplements since an extra dose of this nutrient can help to increase lean muscle formation and body mass in a short amount of time.

According to research, there are no proven creatine negative effects. However, many users have reported suffering from mild effects such as increased aggressive behavior, mood swings, and cramps. If an athlete does not exercise enough while taking this supplement, it may lead to obesity. Gastrointestinal complications and kidney problems are the more serious symptoms, but these cases are few and far between.

Aggressive behavior and anger seems to be one of the most common Creatine negative side effects, both for female and male consumers. This is because creatine supplements create a testosterone spike in the body. Testosterone is vital for growth of muscle mass, male sexual organ development, and increased bone density. However, it is also known to increase aggressiveness. To prevent this, doctors advise drinking large quantities of water throughout the dosage.  When the body gets dehydrated, it may lead to increased anger and volatile mood swings.

Although there are no proven negative effects, some users have reported gynecomastia, anxiety, and even acne after taking creatine supplements. Hair loss and acne are the most popularly reported, although stomach problems are also a common effect for bodybuilders who are not used to taking supplement. In addition, research has shown that the increase in body mass can cause a water deficiency on other parts of the body. Not all creatine supplements have FDA approval, so many of them have not been tested properly. To stay safe, always purchase supplements that have been tested and certified by the FDA.

PeteCommon Creatine Negative Side Effects