Complete Your Nailing With A Palm Nailer

Nailing is no longer all about swinging a hammer and relying on perfect aim to get the job done quickly. Nowadays a nail gun is used to perform the bulk of the heavy nailing required on the work site. However there really is no single nail gun that you might use to perform all types of nailing jobs. The large nail gun is necessary for the large scale jobs that are easy to reach, but when trying to get into tight spaces you will need to use a palm nailer.

The palm nailer is a much higher intensity type of nail gun to the bulk nailing that can be operated with a regular nail gun. Every nail must be placed individually before it is hammered into place by the nailer. This is in stark contrast to most nail guns that are operated with a trigger with a quick fire method of nailing.

A palm nailer operates through the use of pressure that is applied to the head of the nail that is being nailed. Each nail is positioned independently of the last and, when it is in place, the nailer is used to hammer it in through compressed air that triggers the hamemr plate. Smaller palm nailers such as the Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact Nailer makes short work of smaller nails and gets into some of the tightest spaces imaginable where it is capable of making short work of the nailing job.

The palm nailer is not an expensive tool. You will have to have access to an air compressor, something that you are likely to have if you already own a standard nail gun. For the most part there will be little for the palm nailer to do. However, the times when the angles are particularly tight, buying a palm nailer will prove to be a godsend.

PeteComplete Your Nailing With A Palm Nailer