Cool Gadgets: Keychain Camera

The keychain video camera is the latest in miniature gadgets that has hit the market. You can capture audio and video anywhere, anytime whether you’re just enjoying life’s spontaneous joys or you have a specific covert mission in mind.

The standard features of a keychain video camcorder features a 1.2 megapixel image sensor and video capture is at 30 frames per second (30 FPS). This tiny camcorder is more than an adequate video recording solution for anyone needing to instantly capture events as they are happening.  Here are some other specs of standard recorders:

• 2 – 8GB Built In Storage
• Charges from USB Port
• Easy Video Playback
• No Blinking Lights

These little video cameras are perfect for recording footage of a fender bender that clearly wasn’t your fault or spontaneous footage for newsworthy events. Since this camcorder looks like a remote for your car, people won’t notice a thing.

When you’re ready to view what you’ve recorded simply plug it into the computer via the mini-USB cable to access your video files that can be played back in windows media player – no software or driver for viewing.

Now for the reality check; this little gadget is for gadget geeks and someone who has technical skills if they run into problems.  Most of these cameras come without manuals or very little instructions.  While these cameras are not hard to operate, it does require basic technical knowledge.  However, the great thing about living in a technological age is that if you run into problems, you can always Google the solution.  Furthermore, even though you can play back your recordings in Windows Media Player you’re going to need a video editing software if you want to make your video of a fancier production.  In this regard, it’s not unlike the video you shoot off your phone camera and such but it’s much more discreet.

Currently no manufacture will put their name on this inexpensively made and priced spy gadget because then there would have to be some level of quality assurance that would have to be upheld. Until then it’s a crap shoot but it’s a neat little gadget to have regardless.

PeteCool Gadgets: Keychain Camera