Cosco Chair Stool Review

If you love to purchase items that serve dual purpose, especially in the kitchen, then you will love the retro chair stool made by Cosco. There are many things that are great about this particular stool, and you will be glad you decided to get one for your kitchen.

The first great thing about this particular chair is the color options that are available to choose from. It is currently available in red, black, yellow, and white. The color choices reflect the retro era that will give your kitchen a vibrant feel. Aside from the brilliant colors, this chair also offers a great durable chrome finished coating on the frame of it. The chrome is made to last and will not peel and flake off with time.

Another thing you will love about the Cosco chair is the overall durability. The vinyl that cushions the seat and back is tough as leather. It will not be easily torn or come apart at the seams due to the quality that the stitching holds. The frame is made of thick steel and bolted together to seemingly last forever.

The most popular of the stools is the Cosco retro red chair with step stool. This is because the red color reflects upon the time when old fashioned diners where on every corner. Cosco really thought ahead and made the retro stool available in colors that everyone could enjoy. If your taste is not so much for bright colors, the white or black will suit your taste well.

Last but not least, you will love the convenience of having this stool in your kitchen, because it serves the purpose of a bar stool, along with a step stool for those hard to reach cabinets. You can finally start using the cabinets you could not reach before because now you will have a convenient way to get to them!

PeteCosco Chair Stool Review