Cotton Mattress Pads

Facts About Cotton Mattress Pads: Mattress pads have become especially popular over the last decade. They have many uses, none of which is insignificant. There are many types of mattress pads available, some include cotton, plastic coated, foam, down or feather filled, and now there is even the foam, which springs back to life. They all come in standard sizes made to fit your size bed. The non-plastic coated ones can be either waterproof utilizing a plastic or vinyl covering, or not.

There are many uses for a cotton mattress pad and those uses will vary depending on the person who will be using it. For example, some people like to use cotton mattress pads because of their comfort factor. Other people like the use them in conjunction with plastic or vinyl coverings for catching the accidents of little ones still training to sleep through the night. While most have fitted elastic edging to hold it in place, some mattress pads come as just a plain rectangle. These types of mattress pads completely depend on the fitted sheet of your bedding set to keep the pad in place.

As outlined in the mattress pads guide, the cotton mattress pad also comes in a variety of cotton fibers as well. For example, there are “reduced allergen” cotton mattress pads, which are clinically shown to reduce the amount of allergens within the sleep area, thus keeping the person using it safer. Other pads are completely organic. The organic cotton pads guarantee no pesticides were used in the making of the pads. They are cotton, after all, and as such are natural fibers. They are cotton after all, meaning they are a natural fiber that some bugs and animals will try to eat.

Cotton mattress pads have their clear advantages, including the comfort of naturally shaping fibers and the washable factor. Some of its disadvantages include staining if not washed promptly after an accident, retained odor for the same reason and the possibility of the mattress pad going flat just after a few months. Luckily, though, they are relatively inexpensive and can be replaced easily.

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