Could Your New Home Be Prone to Mildew?

You may assume that you are never going to have a problem with mold or mildew, but one look at the mold mildew removal website will make you think again. You’ve never suffered in the past so why should you suffer in the future? Well the fact of the matter is that a home that is badly laid out or not sufficiently equipped could be more prone to mold than others. So if you’re a property buyer looking for a new home consider the following points when viewing.

Excessive humidity brings excessive moisture and mildew loves nothing more than a nice warm and moist surrounding. Therefore when looking in laundry rooms or bathrooms and kitchens see what kind of provisions there are to pull that excess moisture from the air. Are de-humidifiers already installed? What about extraction fans, are they vented out of the building or are they just recirculating the air?

We all know how mold loves to grow on food and, indeed, any organic matter. Clearly you are going to be tidy and make sure your home is clean and free from these mold baits, but is the house going to help you in your tasks. Often kitchens and bathrooms are badly designed. Gaps behind furniture or ledges set in difficult positions means that cleaning certain spaces becomes a lot harder. If you can’t get into a nook or cranny to clean then this becomes an area where mildew could grow. Further more if you can’t clean the area how are you going to go about mold and mildew removal?

Homes are so well insulated these days that it is essential to air your property just to give fetid stale air a chance to be replaced by healthy fresh air. Is the property you’re looking at laid out in such a way as to make this easy? Are the windows easy to open and can you get a decent through breeze blowing through the property? All food for thought when buying a new home.

PeteCould Your New Home Be Prone to Mildew?