Create A Look With Your Eyeshadow Design

It has been said that the eyes are windows to the soul. That they reveal the true emotions of a person and allow for a true connection. This is true, the eyes express feeling like nothing else. A simple bat of the lashes, or a slow, lingering blink can signal being flirtatious or seductive.People are attracted to eyes of many colors, browns, greens, blues, and all those in between and become drawn in by their beauty and raw emotion. Many want to spice up this affect by adding eyeshadow to accent their natural eye pigmentation.

Eyeshadow cosmetics enhance what is already there, they are not meant to overpower and distract from the eyes themselves. Colors should be chosen that highlight and accent the color of the eye instead of masking the pure beauty.

People with green eyes should choose violet eyeshadow that is made up of primarily reds and warm browns. Red is the complementary color of green meaning that this arrangement is very pleasing to the eye. The sharp contrast brings out all the different shades of your eye and also allows for a stronger green to emerge.

Blue eyes are not normally accented with their complementary color, orange. Not many people go to this extreme as orange would definitely overpower the natural look being targeted. Instead, blue eyes should be played-up with smokey grays, violets, and dark blues. The dark and seductive palette cause the eyes to ‘pop’ and the natural blues of the eyes to become brighter and more vibrant.

Brown eyes are quite a bit different. Those who possess brown eyes are the lucky one when it comes to choosing the correct eyeshadow. They have a plethora of choices that range from golds to reddish-browns and blues to violets. Brown eyes basically go with every shade there is. Gold eyeshadow brings out the flecks of amber that are melted into those fun-loving dark brown eyes, while grays and violets plays up the sophisticated factor providing you with a dramatic look. There is basically no wrong choice when choosing the eye shadow.

For those who are looking for a way to accentuate their natural eye color, the properly chosen eyeshadow can bring those eyes to life like never before. Don’t be afraid to show off those peepers.

PeteCreate A Look With Your Eyeshadow Design