Create A Stylish Impression With A Vanity Sink Unit

Adding a vanity sink unit to the bathroom can create a stylish impression. The vanity consists of a vanity top, undermount bathroom sink and a storage facility underneath. The vanity unit is becoming highly sought after because it can be very versatile. The storage space can be used to conceal the ever increasing bottles of washing and grooming products. This helps to make your bathroom look tidier and more organised.

The design potential of the vanity sink means that it can create a stylish focal point that can enhance your design theme. The growing popularity of the vanity means there is a huge range of stylish designs to choose from. Many suppliers like the Pegasus bathroom vanity company provide an extensive range of traditional, antique and contemporary designs. You can either choose a custom made or pre made vanity. With the pre-made option each of the components are included in one set. With the custom made option you have the opportunity of choosing your own cabinet, vanity top and sink to create your own personal design.

The style of a vanity can be defined by the materials used to manufacture it. For example the furniture cabinet style vanity units are commonly made from solid wood such as oak, hickory or walnut. This gives these vanities a luxurious and rich finish. They are often combined with either marble or granite counter tops. In contrast the contemporary sink vanities integrate materials such as wood, glass and metal. These materials combined create a sleek and sophisticated style.

When choosing a sink vanity for your bathroom make sure you select a design that compliments your existing design theme otherwise the vanity will look odd. The size of the sink vanity is also another aspect to consider. The vanity should not be too big or small but in proportion to the rest of the room.

PeteCreate A Stylish Impression With A Vanity Sink Unit