Cremation Diamonds – How Are They Made

Yes, it’s true that diamonds are created from the ashes of loved ones. This unique way of keeping those whom we have loved and treasured in a unique form or adornment takes several steps, but is a fairly affordable venture, when considering what to do about earthly remains, especially if the loved on in question did not wish to be buried or entombed. Truly, cremation diamonds are a beautiful way of expressing our love for those who have dearly departed us from corporeal form.

The process by which a cremation diamond is created is very similar, initially, as that of creating a simulation diamond like the cubic zirconia. The initial heat required to remove everything but the carbon contained within the ashes of a loved one is well over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit and takes quite a few weeks to complete, too.  Basically, once this is performed, then graphite is formed and when mixed with diamond seed it then is put into a diamond press, heated up by another 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and incredible pressure is placed around it of well over 800K pounds psi.  This takes a few more weeks to finally create a cremation diamond “in the rough”, which then requires cutting just like a mined diamond.

Many options exist for the size, color and cut style of a cremation diamond, for those of us who wish to have one created in honor of a loved one.  The price range for quite possibly the rarest man made gem stone in the world runs from about $3,000 to $20,000 dollars, depending on what you wish for specifications. Of course this is a very expensive process and takes quite a bit of time for the creation of one, but if you chose to do this in honor and memory of a loved one, the resulting gem stones are quite lovely and a highly sentimental tribute to someone you have loved while here on Earth.  Truly, cremation diamonds are rare, not only due to the process by which they are made, but mostly due to the ashes of the person they are created in honor of. Everyone of us is as different as a diamond, so this is a fitting tribute on so many levels.

Once a cremation diamond has been created, there are other options with regard to displaying or fashioning the lovely gem into either a piece of jewelry, a gem-encrusted urn or other tribute to the loved one whose ashes the stone(s) are made of. Certainly, more than one stone may be created, depending on what your wishes are for creation and distribution. On the one hand, a cremation diamond can be created for every member of a small family, in honor or a beloved grandparent or parent.  There are many ways by which cremation diamonds can be displayed; it’s just matter of what your desires are.  In a way, this awesome tribute to a loved one creates a sense of them living forever, just like a diamond.  This is truly a cherished way of showing our love for the one who has passed from our world into the next.

PeteCremation Diamonds – How Are They Made