Cricut Cake Machine – Express Your Creativity on a Whole New Level

The all new Cricut Cake Machine enables amateur and professional cake decorators alike to quickly create perfect cake decorations to achieve stunning cake designs. A wide variety of attractive and personalized cake embellishments can be made in minutes versus hours – saving you time and money. Enjoy spending your time creating unique designs for your cake instead of trying to correct those little annoying imperfections. Let the fun begin!

You can create a wide variety of cake decorations in three easy steps. First, select your design and load the appropriate Cricut Cartridge and Keyboard Overlay. Second, arrange the gumpaste onto the specially designed Cricut Cake Mat and insert it into the machine. To finish, select the design and shape features on the Cricut Keyboard Overlay and press the ‘CUT’ button. That’s it! Your prefect cake embellishments will be cut out in a few seconds and ready for you to add to your cake.

No matter what the size or design of your cake may be, the Cricut Cake Machine makes it easy to customize your decorations to fit your needs. Any shape you select can be modified in size or layout. You can also add a personal touch to your cake by creating personalized names or greetings for those special occasions.

Want to use your existing Cricut Cartridges? No problem! The Cricut Cake Machine is fully compatible with all existing Cricut Cartridges or you can try out our all new Cricut Cake Cartridges for a whole new level of cake decorating. Impress your family, friends, and/or clients by creating brand new beautiful and original cake designs. The number of designs you can create is only limited by your imagination.

Buy the Cricut Cake Machine today, and you will also receive the Cricut Cake Basic Cartridge to help get you started. Begin to explore the endless possibilities!

PeteCricut Cake Machine – Express Your Creativity on a Whole New Level