Daily Diet Plan, Do You Really Need One?

Why are we interested in having a daily diet plan when we know that we can’t follow them anyway? Some of us maybe, but for most they’re just written to be forgotten and gather dust in our brains and cabinets.

People who write diet plans are more knowledgeable about proper dieting than those who don’t, even if they don’t follow what they’re writing. For those who write diet plans, it’s some sort of an educational trip. They are aware of the proper foods to eat and foods to avoid. They can talk about them to others but it’s doing the actual plan that’s hard to perform.

Those who write diet plans, even if they’re not really following them, have a distinct advantage because from time to time, when they encounter these foods, they have the choice to eat them or not since they are aware of what they are. And most avoid fattening foods or just eat a little to satisfy the urge.

For those of us who are totally ignorant, we have no chance of avoiding what’s bad for us. We are like fat cows being led to slaughter.

So what if we cannot write a daily diet plan, we can read them can’t we? We don’t really need to be seeking them like the knights searching for the Holy Grail. We have a bad habit of not being interested if we don’t need something. Why bother when I want to eat the foods I love. That’s reasonable but not advisable.

Let’s compromise. You’re health is your problem and if you become obese, you might deserve it. Why not read something about calories one or two days before the party? Just browse through the calorie lists and see what the probable foods that will do you good and the foods that won’t are. Type them in your computer or iPads or whatever.

If you do this every time you’re going to a party or going to eat out, without realizing it, you’ll have you’re rough daily diet plan. If you’re going to make it a habit, you’ll become conscious of the food you eat and it will be one less obese person in the world.

Make your diet plan a hobby and lose weight happy. You’re health is your concern and it’s for your family, too. Don’t be stingy; share your time with your family by being healthy. Plan your diet and share it with your loved ones.

PeteDaily Diet Plan, Do You Really Need One?