Damaging Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Without a doubt, alcoholism can lead to several negative effects. Alcoholism refers to the condition where the individual is already dependent an alcohol. This means that the person cannot function in the physical and psychological without being under the influence of alcohol. This has always been a problem in society. However, heavy dependence is not the only devastating effect that alcohol involves in. There is also the threat of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This happens when an alcohol dependent cease drinking but the body has not adjusted to the absence of alcohol. The damaging outcomes of alcohol do not end in just the long term effects of chronic drinking and withdrawal symptoms. There is also the threat of alcohol poisoning.

This condition is very dangerous and treacherous. Alcohol poisoning is dangerous because it can lead to serious health state and dead. It is treacherous because poisoning symptoms of alcohol can easily be misjudged as just the usual reactions of the state of drunkenness. When someone consumes alcohol excessively in short period of time, such person is doing what is usually called binge drinking. Drinking beyond the appropriate amount of alcohol is the main culprit for poisoning.

Poisoning can easily damage bodily functions such as breathing and gag reflex. Treatment should be administered immediately so that no further damage such as brain damage can take place. What is important in fighting alcohol poisoning is proper and early detection of the symptoms. Examples of alcohol poisoning symptoms are slow breathing, vomiting, and extreme changes to skin color and body temperature. Not all symptoms surface all at once, so detection also means proper observations of the victim’s actions. For example, be on the lookout for symptoms on people who are engaging into binge drinking which they do not normally do. Always try to revive a person who became unconsciousness after drinking too much alcohol. Make sure that they did just slept because of drunkenness and not poisoning. Seek for immediate medical help if the suspicions of alcohol poisoning arise.

PeteDamaging Effects of Alcohol Abuse