Decorating with Harmony

Decorating the home or office can be fun and enjoyable, but it involves making a lot of decisions.  Some of these decisions may affect others.  They also have the potential to impact life and the world you live in.  Deciding on decor means creating an atmosphere that represents a lifestyle or business acumen.  Once the decision to go modern and contemporary, or nostalgic and traditional is made, shopping for selections can commence.  Decisions on accents can be made later.  Optional choices like whether to go with a round area rug or a rectangular one will be better determined once the big furnishings are decided upon.

Personal preference is not the only consideration in home or office decor.  In a marriage personal preferences of both husband and wife have to be compromised.  Harmony has to result from the blending of masculine and feminine elements.  In business, if the ability to make important decisions for others is supposed to be represented, the atmosphere of the office should display that intent.

In some cases choices may be limited.  It just might be practical and makes sense to use a round bath rug, because the tile or garden tub is round for example.  Some level of flexibility has to come into the equation for things that can not be changed or can be lived with.  The art of Feng Shui may be something to consider.  If harmony is an objective, then this widely embraced art may be helpful.  Successful ramifications may generate a new believer in the practice.

If it feels right, then it is right, is an applicable mantra to filling the space around you.  If the feedback from customers and clients generate income, the decisions made will continue to serve well.  If every member of the home can say their space feels like a refuge, good choices were made.  If you are at peace in your own sanctuary, then you have defied the odds of decorating.

PeteDecorating with Harmony