Defining Primitive Decor

Home decorating for those of us that love old american or “pilgrim style” decor can be a time consuming thing. Of course for most of us we enjoy this part of the process as much as actually having it in our home. Thankfully though for those that do not wish to spend their weekends in the hunt for primitive decor the internet has come to all of our rescue. I am sure that the irony of this is not lost in you, we enjoy the old world but must embrace the new!

What exactly constitutes a primitive style though? Well, as with most things, opinions very greatly. Some will consider the stylings of early americana as primitive folk art. While others may have a european style in their minds. Still others will be more contemporary and have “rustic” log furniture at the forefront of their minds.

For all intents in purposes though I believe you will find the ¬†majority of sellers grouping folk art into one category. This would include some of the european styling but only in the sense that it influenced early american furnishings. You may find wingback chairs or a sideboard but they will be of a less ornate design and upholstering. Hutches and cabinets are generally made from pines and done in a milk paint or other such finish. Many of these reproductions will be “distressed” to add to the look.

There are a great deal of reproducers out there now if you are looking for a new “old” piece. Many use the styling of old creatively mixed in with new techniques that are barely perceptible to all but the most discerning eye. For years now handmade soaps and candles have also been making a comeback. There distinct shapes and scents make any home more welcoming. Whatever you decide is your “primitive” style there are plenty of choices available today. Now just get out there and find them!

PeteDefining Primitive Decor