Deposit Bags to Protect Your Stuff

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, you probably use deposit bags to take your earnings to the bank and you probably have an employee do it especially if you are a smaller business. The larger ones will probably use armored vehicles but for those who don’t you can be putting your staff in danger if you don’t ensure that you choose bags that are guaranteed to protect your money from all kinds of tampering.

It is time to rethink having your employee go to the bank the same day every week with the same easily identifiable deposit bag putting them at risk for thieves and looters. The worst part is that you can and will be held liable if anything happens to them.  And it will if you continue to be so relaxed in your banking habits so now is the time to change how you go about doing your banking for your business.

A good place to start in protecting your employee that goes to the bank each time is to start with what you transport your money in; your bag. There are many different types of bags you can choose from; made from different fabrics with different stitch work and with different locking mechanisms.  What you choose is dependent on how frequently you send your employee to the bank and how much cash they carry at a time.

One of the best choices for bags is a bag with a key less lock. Also you will want to choose a bag that has a built in alert system that will be activated if the bag is tampered with. You also want to choose a bag that can withstand certain temperatures especially if you use overnight deposit boxes or during the colder months if you live in a harsh climate.

Your other option is to stop using your employee and use a courier service instead that provides you with secure transit. Many of these companies have their own night deposit bags and will come in and package the money for you in front of your eyes and deliver it to the bank safely. They are also the ones liable if anything happens to your deposit while in their charge.

When choosing your deposit bag ensure you do your research and read some reviews to see what current and past users are saying about the particular bag and how secure it is and if it lives up to the name that the company has made for it.

PeteDeposit Bags to Protect Your Stuff