Dermasal and Tattoo Removal Safety

Is it safe to use products like Dermasal to remove a tattoo yourself?

This is the question I had when I recently ordered a bottle online. I couldn’t resist the lure of simply doing this on my own, spending probably only 5 minutes a day to remove a tattoo. This sounds far better than the idea of getting in my car, sitting in traffic, waiting to be seen, and then having someone else administer tattoo removal treatments, like a laser treatment facility. That’s not for me! I also am not the biggest fan of doctors, so….

Anyhow, I ordered Dermasal cream, but only after reviewing the safety of such a product. The good news is that many people have ordered Dermasal and there are no crazy stories about how it did this or that to their skin. The worst that I can seem to find is the very manageable tidbit on the official Dermasal tattoo removal site that simply says that occasionally, a persons skin may get irritated using this product. When this happens, the solution is simple. Instead of applying it everyday, take some more time in between applications. I can dig the simplicity in that, because I do have sensitive skin, and hey, sometimes I forget to apply this stuff before leaving for work in the morning anyway!

I had heard that cheap tattoo removal products will burn your skin or whatever, but ironically, it seems the truth is that it’s more likely you’ll see problems if you pay a professional than pay for something like tattoo cream or Dermasal. If a technician makes a mistake with those lasers, the skin can be damaged. And using something like dermabrasion, where the skin is literally sanded off, or excision, where the skin is amazingly cut out from the body – well, you can imagine that those two methods basically guarantee that you will have a scar.

But not so with using this cheap – and effective – Dermasal solution!

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PeteDermasal and Tattoo Removal Safety