Different Styles Of Tongue Rings And Belly Button Rings

Tongue piercing is a type of piercing that is done along the middle of the tongue. The wearer can then use different types of jewelry such as barbells and tongue rings. Jewelry made for tongue rings can be made from many different materials such as acrylic, Teflon, gold, silver, titanium, or stainless steel. There are types of tongue rings: barbell and captive bead. Another popular body piercing for both genders is the belly button ring. Rings for the navel are also available in different styles such as dangling, reverse, spiral, and non-dangling with gemstones and other decorations.

14 Gauge Steel Barbell Tongue Rings
These are high quality with acrylic balls and are 8″ long. Sold in twenty different colors and styles such as swirls, butterflies, stripes, and more. The ball end is attached to a straight or curved shaft. They can easily be washed with antibacterial soap and rinsed with water. They are easy to remove and safe to use. This style is popular because it can be color coordinated to different outfits.

Heart Gem
Made of surgical grade steel, it has many gems inside a dome made of epoxy. The heart shape gives it an attractive look that appeals to adults and teenagers.

3-D Barbell With Dragon
Made of black anodized titanium, this is an elegant looking ring. It is great for daily use. The dragon can be removed and easily replaced with different patterns and shapes.

Yellow Glow
This is a popular ring that has a glowing yellow ball on the end. It glows in the dark and also in bright rooms. It’s very comfortable to wear.

Black or Blue Whistle Ring
These are the traditional straight barbells that most people wear. They are trendy and also affordable.

Vibrating Barbell
Contains a battery that makes it vibrate while wearing. The battery is inserted into the ring before it is placed in the body.

When shopping for tongue rings or belly button rings, shop around to see the different styles that are available. Try to choose the best quality material to reduce the risk of allergy and increase comfort.

PeteDifferent Styles Of Tongue Rings And Belly Button Rings