Direct TV Promotions For 2010

Competition continues to heat up between big cable companies like Comcast, and satellite TV providers like Dish Network and Direct TV. Each of course has some sort of offer to pitch you as a new customer, so you might be a bit confused as to what the promotional offers include from these companies. Generally, Comcast and other cable TV companies have been a better choice if you live in an apartment, or if you don’t want to commit to some sort of contract. But even cable companies have moved toward contracts in the last year or so, offering lower rates for those who will commit to cable television for a period of two years.

Satellite companies though were the ones that pushed the two year contract on their new customers. Because they had higher installation costs in providing the dish and new equipment to customers, they asked the subscriber to commit to the programming for a period of time to recoup their costs. With the latest Direct TV promotions, the contract requirement is still there, but there are of course some nice incentives for the subscriber to commit to this.

Free installation of service is of course one of the main benefits. You can get Direct TV installed in up to four different rooms in your house at no charge, though you do pay a monthly charge for each additional receiver. Regular receivers are $5 a month, and DVR receivers are $7 each. You also get a nice discount on your Direct TV package during the first 12 months of service. For 2010, the discount is $29 a month off of the regular price of packages like the Choice Ultimate, which translates to nearly $360 off of programming costs during the first year. Just keep in mind you will have to pay regular Direct TV prices for at least one year after the promotion ends.

PeteDirect TV Promotions For 2010