Do You Choose Regular Cigarettes Or E Cigarettes?

There is a new invention available on the market that smokers might fall in love with, the E cigarette. This type of cigarette is powered by batteries and will be much healthier for the user. One of the other main advantages of E cigs is that they are legal to use indoors, as they contain no tobacco, you can smoke pretty much anywhere and not have to worry about harming anyone around you.

Electronic cigarettes look, taste and feel just like a normal tobacco cigarette. When you inhale from the E cig, an air flow sensor releases the nicotine water vapor for you to inhale. This means that you can fulfil your nicotine cravings, while avoiding the health risks such as cancer and lung problems that are associated with normal tobacco products.

When a lot of people try to use nicotine patches they get frustrated and still need to do something with their hands, but the E cigarette has this covered. You smoke it just as if you were smoking a normal cigarette, you can even feel the nicotine vapor going into your lungs when you inhale and see it when you exhale. The “smoke” that you exhale is actually a water vapor that will evaporate almost instantly and no one around you will notice or smell anything.

An E cigarette starter kit is the perfect way to going in the world of the electronic cigarette. Included in your starter kit will be your atomiser, battery charger and batteries, a selection of nicotine cartridges, your manual and some other handy accessories. You can get E cigarettes at a variety of online stores, normally you will find that their starter kits are on offer, making it a great deal.

If you decide to buy the Blu Cigarette you will find that it comes in a range of great flavours such as Java Jolt, Vanilla, Menthol and so on.

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PeteDo You Choose Regular Cigarettes Or E Cigarettes?